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Business Card Designer Plus
The Design Wizard allows you create a new business card in a matter of seconds!  The first step in creating a new business card is to use the Design Wizard to select the a layout.
You start by selecting the type of card you want to create based on the paper stock you are using.  Standard 10-up card stock is the most popular, but there are manufacturers who make 12-up paper stock so you can squeeze two additional cards on each sheet.  If you are looking for a card that includes a picture background you should use a photo quality card stock that has space between the cards to allow bleeding.

Graphic Effects:

  • Crop, mirror, flip, rotate, negative, noise, gamma, etc. Even give a graphic a transparent background with our business card software.

Text Effects:

  • Our business card software lets you draw spiral, radial, arc and variable size text.  Change the font, size, color, style, shadow rotation and blending
  • You can even display text as a barcode, an auto-increment counter or the current date and/or time

Gradient and Texture Fills with Alpha Blending:

  • Use a gradient or select a texture or image to fill text and shape objects to create outstanding custom business cards.  Alpha Blending allows you to
  • blend the gradient or texture into whatever is behind it
How to Activate?
  1. Install program
  2. Do not launch the program. If launched then exit
  3. Go to crack folder and Copy/Paste “bcdp.exe” to installation directory
  4. Enjoy