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How to Activate ?
  1. Download and install the latest verion of  Jitbit Macro Recorder
  2. When launching Jitbit Macro Recorder,it will ask you to register
  3. Enter the registration details given below and click Register
  4. That’s it Full Version

Registration Details
Username : On HAX
Serial Number : ENokcYSKQS1XsrhrqKC6j+ieiSJkwolCD9ZBFro59VlmwKz/J4AfCP7+
Username : www.onhax.net
Serial Number : ULI13H7muBfU/ZhTxanWMHhvGpQ3nXQWa8vfLVJpIkjc/b74V+eiXf7+
Username : www.onhax.net
Serial Number : EkDHtXmCAG3eEU2eBOWRCLMOuV4H5lGR76aYuoTzrD9l5/DW95i5b/7+

Download Link

Jitbit Macro Recorder 5.7.4 official setup (702 KB)